Dr. Katie Detox



 Do you have the feeling you could feel better?

Are you tired of feeling tired? Or tired of feeling stressed? Or question whether some of the foods you eat actually make your cravings worse, or the way you live your life might be leading to imbalance in your body? Or feel confused about what dietary advice to follow because of all the conflicting information available? Or need a jumpstart into a long-term lifestyle change?

Consider the Dr. Katie Detox, a 10-day reset.



Why is it important to detoxify the body?

Over time, we get buildup of toxins from our environment and lifestyle choices that can compromise the way our bodies work. It’s valuable to spend time prioritizing good, anti-inflammatory lifestyle choices. 

On the Dr. Katie Detox you will learn the tools to build a healthier lifestyle with nutritious food, daily movement, proper rest and connection to the Spiritual Self.


Dr. Katie Detox Benefits

  • Gentle transition from your current lifestyle to more anti-inflammatory living

  • Improved energy and concentration

  • Less fatigue after meals

  • Decreased food cravings and less reliance on comfort foods

  • Discern personal food sensitivities

  • Enhanced digestion

  • High-yield health tips from Dr. Katie’s educational encyclopedia

  • Accountability to yourself through personal and group chats


Can you accomplish a total body reset in just 10 days?

Yes! While it takes up to three weeks to completely establish behavior change, you can use the first 10 days with me to get the ball rolling in the right direction. Many Detoxers continue their journey for months because they feel so great!


The Dr. Katie Detox includes:

  • Connection and personalized health coaching with Dr. Katie to discern your unique best strategies for success

  • The Dr. Katie Detox Book with detailed day-by-day priorities, grocery shopping lists, personal health assessments, and Gratitude Journal

  • Daily emails from Dr. Katie with tips and helpful explanations

  • Guidance to create your own Kitchen Pharmacy

  • Group Support with a community of Detoxers on your mobile device moderated in real-time by Dr. Katie

  • Access to Detox-friendly recipes to make food prep easier


Detoxer commitment

Doing the Dr. Katie Detox is not hard, but it does require some effort. You will have to:

  • Eat homemade meals most days

  • Move your body for 20 minutes most days

  • Give up your night owl habits and prioritize your sleep

  • Spend five minutes each day developing your meditation practice


Detoxer Feedback

“I’ve lost about 15lbs. since my first detox. I finally know how to nourish my body with clean foods and have had dramatic changes in how I feel. Dr. Katie, you’ve helped me change the trajectory of my life. I am so grateful.”

“Most detoxes feel harsh and extreme. Your whole program is human, realistic, and nurturing. I signed up for your next detox session. I love the detox, and I know I can do it!”

I’m going to continue the detox because it’s starting to feel great. Thank you, Dr. Katie, for a path into better versions of ourselves.”

“Dr. Katie's Detox is in a league of it's own. I have attempted a bunch of different detoxes over the years (usually in the form of juices) and I have never felt enough positive impact to continue and want to repeat. In 3 short days on this detox, I felt less bloated, more energy and overall happier. Yes, there were sluggish and challenging moments, but nothing like prior detoxes. The best part is the constant support. Dr. Katie is so encouraging, and so are the other detoxers! This detox feels manageable instead of overwhelming. The connection to Dr. Katie and the other detoxers made this feel like a fun journey, an adventure I want to incorporate into the rest of my life!”

“Dr. Katie, thank you so much! This has been an awesome experience. I would definitely do it again! Now I have regular bowel movements (that’s new!), and I haven’t craved sugar. I love my new 10 minute meditation! Your support, knowledge, compassion and understanding make this a doable and supportive detox that’s not harsh, rigid, or restrictive. Thank you again!!”

NEW Detoxer Investment
$350 for your first 10-day session

REPEAT Detoxer Investment
$100 per 10-day session
($250 discount)


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Feeling unsure? Set up a quick chat with Dr. Katie by emailing hello@drkatietakayasu.com.

Note: The Dr. Katie Detox is a health coaching program to improve lifestyle choices and overall health. During the detox, I am your health coach and not your personal physician. I do not offer individual medical advice, review individual medical records, or make diagnosis or treatment decisions. Please consult your health practitioner before starting the detox.